Roundup No. 14: Remote Work Policy Wins


Can you believe September is almost coming to a close, Remote Work Tribe? It’s hard to think we’re so far into 2020 already—and even crazier to think of the massive success of remote work policies in recent months. 

2020 has been dubbed the “Remote Work Decade” by professionals across the globe. Earlier in the summer, massive tech companies from Silicon Valley to New York City shut down shop to transition into virtual teams. 

Initially, Google made waves when it extended its remote work policy until Summer 2021. However, another tech giant has weighed in on corporate-turned-virtual: Apple. 

Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said 10 to 15 percent of employees have gone back to the office, and he hopes the majority of staff will return to the company’s new campus within the next year. However, the CEO noted some of the company’s new work habits will remain after the pandemic.

The two actors from the movie "Dumb and Dumber" trying to figure out a Macintosh computer.

Virtual working habits are a welcome addition to most corporate workspaces. Aspects like heightened communication and hybrid schedules make it easier for both teams and individuals to succeed within their roles.

But aside from the remote work policy buzz, check out what else happened this week! 

The Tribe’s Weekly Vibes

1. This impressive lunch break display of balance to help take your mind off work.

2. This screenshot blessing your feed.

3. This reminder that you’re not the only one on the “post-apocalyptic remote work living room clean-up” list.

4. This recurring reminder that communication is key to remote work productivity.

5. This t-shirt of the year.

6. This reminder that burnout should be discussed in the board room (full article here!).

Preview of burnout article regarding concern over remote work policy

7. This question regarding the future of remote work offices.

8. This excellent recommendation to add to the remote work tax break list.


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By Grace Trumpfeller