Roundup No. 31: Remote Email Etiquette


Howdy, Remote Work Tribe, and welcome back to another Weekly Roundup! If you’re new here, the Weekly Roundup is where we like to share anything and everything remote work — from new working policies to tips for building a community. The start of the New Year has certainly been busy for our community, and you know what’s felt it most? Our email inbox. Let’s kick-off this Weekly Thread with a dedicated post all about remote email etiquette. 

What kickstarted this thread was this glorious TikTok by Tega Alexander. In the video, Tega can be seen imitating pretty much all of us when receiving a rather ~sassy~ email from a coworker. It’s a true testament to remote email etiquette, with an astounding amount of as per my last email and, our personal favorite, please kindly see.

Truly the best reply to this thread was this one. 👇

We didn’t know “email violence” was a thing, but it’s definitely fitting for what goes down in the inbox sometimes. 

But then the icing on the cake was this tweet, which we can ALL relate to. Is it truly remote email etiquette to “Reply All” if all of us don’t care? 

And don’t forget about this gem. ☝️

Remote email etiquette aside, what’s been going down in your remote position lately? Have you been feeling the New Year’s energy in your business? Let us know down below!

But for now, let’s dive into what else the Remote Work Tribe was up to this week.

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The Tribe’s Weekly Vibes

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2. This awesome thread on how to run effective team meetings. 

3.  This YouTube channel we would all subscribe to ASAP.

4.  This daily reminder.

5. This push to just do the thing.

6. This simple community building hack.

7. This unexpected perk of being CEO. 😂

8. This proof that if we can fit the entire inaugural event into a tight timeframe, your Zoom calls can do the same.

9. This reminder that context is important.

10. This plea for improved social media tools.


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By Grace Trumpfeller