The Remote Work Tribe Podcast: Meryl Johnston


In this episode of the Remote Work Tribe podcast, we chat with Meryl Johnston, Founder of Bean Ninjas. We talk about how to avoid overworking, how to build a team culture to remove yourself from day-to-day operations, the importance of retreats, how to plan and facilitate a retreat, and more.

Episode timestamps:

  • Interesting projects Meryl is working on now? (0:40)
  • Strategies to avoid overworking. (4:10)
  • How to build a team? (6:20)
  • The importance of having retreats in remote cultures. (9:27) 
  • BeanCon retreat, goals, and objectives. (12:35)   
  • Deciding which activities to do in a retreat. (14:10)
  • How to organize team dinners in a retreat? (16:36)
  • Retreat length. (18:16)
  • What are the most surprising things Meryl learned at BeanCon? (19:55)
  • Changes in team culture after the retreat. (22:25)
  • Knowing what she knows now, what would she do differently regarding retreats? (23:37)
  • How to choose the right venue for your retreat? (25:02)
  • Advice for founders thinking about planning a company retreat. (26:03)
  • Lightning round questions. (27:30)

We hope you enjoy it!

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By Sebastian Cuervo