Roundup No. 6: Google Extends Remote Work Policy


Happy August, Remote Work Tribe! With how fast July seemed to fly by, there sure was plenty of time for big things to happen. 

Case in point: Google’s latest announcement. As one of the leaders in remote work adaption, Google announced that they would extend their work from home policy until Summer 2021.

The Twitterverse was quick to weigh in on the big news. 

Considering Google was one of the first large companies to recommend the transition into remote work, it’s not surprising they’re now the first major tech company to extend such arrangements in response to the pandemic. This latest move affects nearly 200,000 employees globally. 

Now, let’s see what else the Tribe got into this week.

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The Tribe’s Weekly Vibes

1. This financial outlook on remote work.

2. This wardrobe refresh while ~slaying~ #WFH.

3. This comfy yet convenient soundproof studio.

4. This burst of inspiration on a Friday afternoon. 

5. This warning to not let your work habits wear off on the innocent kiddos. 

6.  This extraordinary juggling act of parenthood and working from home.

7. This concerned canine figuring out an acceptable time to get penciled in.

8. This ingenious method of garnering engagement (check out our tips for creating conversation on your team!).

Is it just us, or does the Remote Work Tribe get wittier each month?


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