Roundup No. 21: Our Favorite Remote Work Playlists


Happy weekend, Remote Work Tribe, and welcome back to another Weekly Roundup! If you’re new to the Tribe, our Weekly Roundup is a collection of anything and everything remote work — from the latest remote work policies to the best guidance on leadership for remote teams. We also try to keep our remote employees motivated, providing tips for productivity and how to reduce the risk of burnout. But our motivation freebie this week? Our favorite remote work playlists.

The idea sparked when Christina Garnett tweeted her followers about her current listening situation.

While we all love a good classic rock moment, we couldn’t resist diving into the replies to see what other remote work playlists were making the rounds.

Man with headphones on listening to music and dancing

If you’re looking for more remote work playlists, you know the Remote Work Tribe has you covered. Two of our personal favorites include the Motivation Mix from Spotify — sure to induce an uplifting and energetic jam session that will help keep you motivated. This playlist is ideal for web developers and remote recruiters powering through the day.

And the Your Favorite Coffeehouse, also from Spotify. This mix is ideal for the writers and editors in our Remote Work Tribe, since these sweet, mellow tunes are relaxing without being distracting.

Are you primed for a week of unforgettable tunes? We sure hope so. But for now, dance your way into this week’s vibes.

Young boy dancing in a group of kids.

The Tribe’s Weekly Vibes

1. This hilarious reminder that if newbie travel bloggers can pass on impostor syndrome, you can too.

2. This cold email debate (which side are you on — mass email or personal?).

3.  This evolution of remote work throughout the pandemic.


Working from home Then vs Now #wfh #workingfromhome #workathome #homeoffice #athome #work

♬ original sound – Thiswellplannedlife

4. This plea for a little pazazz in Zoom waiting rooms.

5.  This friendly reminder to fight the anti-reasons and just get into it. 

6. This reminder to pat yourself on the back, you deserve it!

7. This recurring reminder to adopt remote work.

8. This crucial yet often understated role of documentation.

9. This deep desire to add a fluffy team member to your remote work team.

10. This wholesome exchange that likely didn’t turn out as planned.


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By Grace Trumpfeller