Roundup No. 25: The Twitter Trends We Loved This Week


Happy weekend, Remote Work Tribe! We know there are some new faces scanning our Weekly Roundup this week, so hello! 👋 The Weekly Roundup is your one-stop-shop for everything remote work and leadership, from updated remote work policies and mental health strategies to Twitter trends in the community. 

Some weeks (like this one!), we like to focus on more light-hearted topics that are sure to give our fellow remote workers a good laugh. If the title of today’s roundup didn’t clue you in, this week we’re going to jump straight into the super-relatable Twitter trends that we loved.

A new trend we’ve seen popping up left and right on social media urges users to describe themselves as something without actually saying the name of what they’re describing. For example, “Tell me you’re a remote worker without telling me you’re a remote worker.”

We know what you’re thinking — not another Twitter trend. But trust us, these threads were definitely worth the read. 

We’ll start with one of our favorites by Christina Garnett.

Are you ready for these replies? 👀

Man hysterically laughing while waving hand and wiping eyes with tissue

But wait, there’s more!

The answers for this tweet were even better, folks.

Who else needed that laugh today? 😂

So, now that we’ve all had a good chuckle, take a look at what else your fellow remote employees had to say about Twitter trends, leadership, and productivity this week!

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The Tribe’s Weekly Vibes

1. This reminder to know your audience.

2. This understanding that big business success doesn’t require a geographical influence.

3. This brave yet mysterious Zoom lone wolf. 


Who are you trying to impress my guy? #work #millennial #office #corporate #workfromhome

♬ original sound – тне агснivе

4.  This helpful nudge to please stop using PNGs on social (totally NOT a Twitter trend, friends).

5. This hint that the holidays don’t halt your ability to grow.

6. This simple statement to remember when you begin typing an essay instead of an email.

7. This quick-change skill we’ve all seemed to master throughout 2020.


A heads up would be nice, Janice. 👏🏼 #zoom #workfromhome #corporate #homeoffice #foryou #fyp #unprepared

♬ original sound – 🦊 Nikki Foxx 💕

8. This requirement job recruiters sincerely need to get over.

9.  This push to routinely celebrate the little things.

10.  This post that reminds us that anything is possible in 2021!


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