Roundup No. 15: Virtual Learning Duties While #WFH


Happy October, Remote Work Tribe! As fall kicks into high-gear across the country, another yearly phenomena has kick-started across the globe: back to school. However, the coronavirus pandemic has shifted the traditional start of the academic year from physical school locations to virtual learning. 

On the surface, juggling virtual learning responsibilities with remote work duties doesn’t seem too difficult—after all, kids and parents are all under the same roof. But if you’re a parent, or know a parent who works from home, managing both your average workload and your child’s education is far from easy. Considering some school districts are also pivoting between hybrid in-person learning and fully-remote learning, it seems the transitions simply won’t stop. 

Overnight, parents who have worked at home for months, years, or even decades have suddenly also added the title “teacher” to their roster. Expectations for their remote roles have likely shifted as well—with more companies embracing a remote work policy, more team members are now communicating digitally and imposing a plethora of new Zoom calls or Google Meets.

And since our young ones are also managing video calls of their own, it seems like the whole family needs a daily calendar of when they’ll need “quiet time” in the house. 

Of course, it’s no easy task to maintain a semblance of a work-life balance and juggle virtual learning responsibilities. Fortunately, it seems some of our little ones are taking these constant transitions in stride. 

Whose heart wouldn’t explode after reading that sweet note?! Well, we have to go grab a tissue after that one, but check out what else happened in the remote work community down below! 

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