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Learn about how remote company founders are spearheading their team through these crazy times. Lessons, insights, and much more!

Truckin’ Through the Pandemic with the Boondockers Welcome Team


In 2012, Boondockers Welcome co-founder and CTO Anna Maste joined forces with her mother, Marianne Edwards, to launch the go-to subscription service for RVers. For the cost of just one night in a campground, a Boondockers Welcome annual subscription connects RVers with hosts who allow free overnight parking on their private property. But amidst a global health and economic crisis, it raises some...

Castos Team Practicing Empathy Without Borders


There’s a plethora of mediums you can search for content, from infographics and articles to videos and podcasts. Craig Hewitt, founder and CEO of Castos podcast hosting and analytics service, is quite familiar with the latter.  “We’re a software business that helps people in a remote fashion to communicate through podcasting. For a long time, and even to a decent extent now, I didn’t...

Defeating the Odds with the Snappa Remote Team


Throughout each and every industry, businesses are struggling to stay afloat amidst the chaos that is COVID-19. But among giants like Amazon and Costco, who are projected to profit from the global pandemic, various small businesses are also looking to defeat the odds.  Just ask Christopher Gimmer, co-founder and CEO of Snappa graphic design software.  “The funny story with Snappa is...

CreatorUp! Remote Team Profile


“Just stay home.”  Weeks before the U.S. government issued a stay-at-home order, CreatorUp! founder and CEO Mike Tringe sent a company-wide email to each of his employees across the globe allowing them to work from home. Not because the government directed it, but rather because he knew his employees were nervous about what was to come — and he wanted them to ensure their own health and...