Roundup No. 20: A Remote Check-In


Happy Friday, Remote Work Tribe, and welcome back to another Weekly Roundup! If you’re new here, our Weekly Roundup is a collection of anything and everything remote work and leadership. From Monday to Friday, we search the interwebs for the best remote discussions, breaking news, and relatable Tweets to keep everyone in our Remote Work Tribe in the loop. Normally, we’d break into the latest Tweet Storm or remote work policy taking the world by storm, but today, we’re here for a remote check-in. 

It’s been a whirlwind of a week, hasn’t it? From Election Day-turned-Election Week in the U.S. to the aftermath of a deadly earthquake in the Aegean Sea, it’s safe to say we can all use a bit of a break this weekend.

Man taking a deep breath.

So, consider this your reminder to detach and relax these next few days. As part of your remote check-in, we urge you to power off your devices for a bit and take time for yourself. Cater to your own personal needs — take a long walk or hike, have a dance party to your favorite music, or cook your favorite meal. Take a momentary break from the constant newscycle to catch up with family or friends or journal.

Of course, the pressing issues of this week will still be of concern. However, you owe it to yourself to step away when the stresses of work and the world come to be too much. And if you have a remote team member who you think is burning the candle at both ends, consider sending them a remote check-in, too.

Before you go, check out how fellow members of the Remote Work Tribe handled this week. Sending hugs and well-wishes, no matter where you are on the globe! 

Little boy hugging a chicken.

The Tribe’s Weekly Vibes

1.  This friendly nudge to appreciate a change of scenery during lunch rather than the typical crumbs-on-the-keyboard approach.

2. This prime example of practicing what you preach. 

3. This hilarious font choice (bonus points if you can decipher that promo code up top!).

4. This constant battle of doing time zone math when working with your remote team.

5. This reminder that the majority of a company’s functions can be done remotely.

6. This leader in the week’s list of top work distractors.

7. This well-deserved shout out to all of the social media managers!  

8. This lesser-known option to help fight workday distractions.

9. This reminder that remote work DOES NOT mean 24/7.

10. This essential remote manager leadership skill to help keep the team on the same page. 


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