Roundup No. 3: The Remote Work Decade


Happy weekend, Remote Work Tribe! The past few days have generated quite a buzz within the remote work community. In fact, some users have gone as far as declaring 2020 “The Remote Work Decade.” 

Firstbase HQ founder and CEO, Chris Herd, was quick to weigh in on his thread.  

Other members of the community immediately chimed in.

While others pointed out the obvious benefits of #WFH.

Meanwhile, the rest of our Remote Work Tribe shared a variety of helpful and all-too-relatable tweets to help us get through the week as a team.

The Tribe’s Weekly Vibes: July 6—12

1. This case study about optimizing remote conference sales.

2. This crash course in effective Facebook ads.

3. This offer you’d be a *fool* to refuse.

4. This offer you *actually* would be a fool to refuse. 🌊

5. This insight into how many tabs #RemoteWorkers have opened at once.

How many do you have open?

6. This real life footage of recruiters (just kidding).

7. This representation of oversleeping before a conference call. 

8. The newest member of the standing desk club (welcome, friend). 

9. This founder and CEO who hits the nail on the head. 🔨

10. And this founder’s guide for building a successful business. 

Name a better community than the Remote Work Tribe. We’ll wait. 

Alice from Alice in Wonderland cartoon sitting and waiting


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