AuthorGrace Trumpfeller

Roundup No. 54: Is Remote Work Gaining Momentum?


The cause of remote work gaining momentum is largely dependent on the subsequent switch back to the office. However, for dispersed teams to continue gaining momentum, businesses must rely on more than just a remote work policy.

Roundup No. 53: How to Express Business Values Remotely


In the remote environment, you have to lean heavily on your digital assets, like your website or social media, to give clients or teammates a glimpse of your business values. But how exactly can you capture your business values accurately through a computer screen?

Roundup No. 47: A Tale of Poor Management


For what it’s worth, we’ve all dealt with some pretty poor management in the past — we just haven’t all Tweeted about it. Luckily, this recent Tweet did a fantastic job of gathering a ton of relatable experiences into one thread.