Roundup No. 11: Tough Conversations About Employee Motivation


Happy weekend, Remote Work Tribe! With the start of the new month, it feels like employee motivation has skyrocketed across the board.

But though it appeared everything was smooth sailing in terms of productivity, executive business coach Brian Wang posed a question that raised some eyebrows.

In the age of the remote work decade, it can be difficult to determine when an employee is genuinely motivated or when they’re “phoning it in”—literally. Between phone and video calls and a flurry of Slack messages, it takes a keen eye to recognize phony enthusiasm from genuine employee motivation. 

Once a manager or leader spots faux-motivation, what’s the best way to tackle it? 

Here at Remote Work Tribe, we’re massive cheerleaders for those difficult conversations you’d rather slam your laptops closed than join. Sure, they may be uncomfortable in the moment, but when your employee motivation is on the line, it’s essential you dig deep to learn more about the employee as an individual and how their work environment has impacted their productivity. 

There’s always room for improvement on teams, so take a moment to reflect inward and decide how you would handle this situation on your remote team. Unsure where to start? We have a whole reading list for you to pick from! 📚

But, enough with all the heavy stuff. Let’s check out what else the Remote Work Tribe was up to this week!

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The Tribe’s Weekly Vibes

1. This hilarious parrot-like outcome to working around your children for an extended period of time.

2. This ironic Canva tweet (how did this one pass QA?).

3. This plea to airline companies to actually issue refunds rather than flight vouchers.

4. This helpful guide for remote SaaS companies on the hunt for new talent.

5. This fun and honest thread of actual NON-WORK-RELATED hobbies. 🎉


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