Roundup No. 4: Work From Home Expenses


We’re officially mid-way through July, Remote Work Tribe! Another day, another energy bill—right? 

As the month continues, several founders, including YAC CEO Justin Mitchell, noticed the transition from partial-remote-worker to fully-remote-worker can seriously impact your energy bill. So, he posed a question to fellow team leaders on Twitter.

Zack Pedersen, Operations Director & Partner of Snaju Development, immediately responded with his solution to the bill debacle.

Seems like a pretty neat way of off-setting your remote workers’ living costs to us! 

While Jusin and Zack were discussing the financial side of things, we checked in with other members of our Remote Work Tribe. Let’s take a look at what the community was up to this week, shall we? 

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The Tribe’s Weekly Vibes

1. This master class in becoming a better leader. 

2. This awesome podcast about high performing content marketing featuring #RWTCertifiedFounders, Craig Hewitt of Castos and Christopher Gimmer of Snappa.

3. This remote worker’s approach to a daily schedule.

4. This apparel comparison that hit the button on the nose (get it? Vest…button…). 

5. And this giggle-worthy response.

6. This new team member absolutely *crushing it.*

7. This failed attempt at a video chat.

8. This polite office visitor. 

9. This accurate representation of Zoom meetings.

10. This feel-good founder story.

Dan Price from Gravity Payments - You should treat your employees well - The Remote Work Tribe


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