The Remote Work Tribe Podcast: Amber Naslund


In this episode of the Remote Work Tribe podcast, we chat with Amber Naslund, enterprise sales and customer success leader at LinkedIn, recovering marketer, author, and former entrepreneur. We talk about A.I. and how it’s changing our lives, working in public, imposter syndrome, digital detox, and much more. 

Episode timestamps:

  • Amber’s most exciting work currently. (0:45)
  • Ethics of A.I. and how it can affect our lives. (1:30)
  • People to follow to learn more about A.I. (2:30)
  • Working in public. (3:50) 
  • How to navigate how much to share online? (7:55)
  • What is her approach to social media and working in public? (15.40) 
  • Imposter syndrome and working in public. (18:20)   
  • Rebranding imposter syndrome. (22:30)
  • Coping strategies to use imposter syndrome to fuel your growth. (23.40)
  • How does Amber approach when she needs to disconnect from social media? (26:30)
  • How has Amber helped others move past imposter syndrome? (28:25)
  • Lightning round questions. (34:00)

We hope you enjoy it!

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By Sebastian Cuervo