Roundup No. 35: How to Take Time Back While Working Remotely


Happy Monday, Remote Work Tribe, and welcome back to another Weekly Roundup! If this is your first time joining a Weekly Roundup, hello! We’re the Remote Work Tribe, and each week we gather the best of everything remote work, leadership, and community in one neat thread we like to call the Weekly Roundup. This week, we’re highlighting a Twitter trend we couldn’t resist taking part of: How to take time back while working remotely.

Between Tuesday and Wednesday, the sponsored hashtag #TakeTimeBack garnered thousands of replies from those working remotely across the globe. The hashtag was started by Citrix, digital workspace technology that provides personalized virtual apps, desktops, and workspaces for remote or dispersed teams.

After asking users how they  #TakeTimeBack in their day, the Citrix page followed up with another tweet by their Chief of Staff, Amy Haworth. 

Amy touched on an idea that has been widely discussed since the decade of remote work began: How to shift from outdated perceptions of productivity to holistic effectiveness. And she raises an excellent point: Sometimes what helps employees the most is often working less.

Considering the recent State of Remote Work Report highlighted that the most common concern for those new to working remotely is working too much, this tweet came at the perfect time. 

How Do We Take Time Back?

The replies on how others #TakeTimeBack while working remotely came quickly, and many revolved around the concept of burnout and work-life balance. 

As champions against burnout, the folks here at Remote Work Tribe knew we had to hop on the #TakeTimeBack trend to share the ways we reclaim time in our day to prevent burnout from sparking.

For a sneak peek of the thread, check out our favorite tips for working remotely:

Psssst! More burnout resources here!

How do you #TakeBackTime while working remotely? Slap that reply button and let us know! But before you leave, take a look at what else the Remote Work Tribe was up to this week.

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By Grace Trumpfeller