Roundup No. 2: Remote Work Changing Housing Landscape


Welcome back to the Remote Work Tribe weekly roundup—your daily dose of remote work news, tips, and all-too-relatable threads. As the week dwindles down to an end, it’s hard to not reflect on how much remote work has boomed in recent months. 

From a rise in fully remote teams to the long-waited acceptance of hybrid roles, recent events have forced the hands of most business owners to finally allow employees to operate remotely. For those of us who had been remote long before pandemic concerns, the sudden realization that workers can be equally as productive from home as they are in the office is pretty old news.

But some recent news we can all celebrate? Remote work is actually changing the housing landscape. 

According to Bloomberg, rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco has dropped a whopping 12 percent from this time last year. Hubs in the Silicon Valley, like the popular Palo Alto and Mountain View have also seen a plunge in rent. 


Tech headquarters that previously ruled over the San Francisco Bay Area, such as Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc. and Slack Technologies Inc., have all made the leap from in-office to remote teams. With ties to their office now gone, employees can relocate wherever they feel like it: from the Bay Area suburbs to the opposite side of the country. 

This freedom and flexibility is what led most of us in the Remote Work Tribe to create our own remote businesses in the first place. Whether you’re a remote founder or CEO, manager, or team lead, we can all agree that the lack of location restraint is just one of the many things that makes remote work so preferable. 

Something else we can all agree on? How relatable some of this week’s tweets were.

The Tribe’s Weekly Vibes 

1. This is just too tr…

2. This *actual* photograph of me.

3. This unfortunate Zoom glitch.

4. The perfect office backdrop for 2020.

5. This ancient find, which confirms our pets have always ruled the roost.

6. This all-too-familiar reaction while #WFH.

Did you feel these tweets deep in your soul? Yeah, us too. 


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