Roundup No. 45: Which Social Platform Reigns Supreme?


Hello there, Remote Work Tribe, and welcome back to another Weekly Roundup! If this is your first Weekly Roundup, let’s catch you up to speed: Each week, we share the top threads, trending Tweets, and relatable posts from fellow remote workers across the globe. We touch on everything remote work, from tackling burnout among freelancers to sharing helpful reading recs. This week, we want your opinion: Which social platform reigns supreme?

No, we’re not talking about business purposes. It’s no secret that everyone and their great-aunt is on social media these days — we’re talking about 3.78 billion social media users worldwide. Even more, 91.9 percent of U.S. marketers are expected to use a social platform for marketing purposes come 2022. 

It’s obvious that we’re all going to be on social apps for work. But what about after hours? When it comes time to lock in and scroll, which social platform reigns supreme? To find our answer, we took a look at this recent thread from Melanie Deziel, Director of Content at Foundation and author of “The Content Fuel Framework.” 

Of the current replies, more than 30 people voted to give Facebook the boot! Instagram came in as the second least-popular social platform, with 10 votes to disappear. Last came Twitter and LinkedIn, who were tied with three votes a piece.

If you had to choose one social platform to give the axe, which would you choose? Hopefully it’s not Twitter, because we’re about to dive into the week’s hottest tweets!

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The Tribe’s Weekly Vibes

1. This very to-the-point greeting.

2. This final stretch to the finish line.

3. This accurate take on the typical (and extensive) community career path. 

4.  This hilarious influence of remote work. Plus one vote for trampoline meetings!

5. This list of potentially unexpected SEO content ideas.

6. This reminder that stressing your brain will only negatively impact the quality of your work — and your health.

7. This informative list of burnout factors.

8. This simple “feedback” swap.

9. This career goal.

10. This fantastic quick-save (thanks, Gmail!).


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