Roundup No. 44: Excitement Builds for Remote Team Retreats


Hi there, Remote Work Tribe, and welcome back to another Weekly Roundup! Each week, we curate the top Tweets, threads, and relatable posts regarding all things remote work and leadership. We’re talking about remote team meetings, the rise of burnout, effective communication strategies, and more. This week, we want to discuss something that combines all of the above: Remote team retreats!

A remote team retreat is a dedicated gathering of remote employees sponsored by the team’s organization. For remote teams with minimal face-to-face interaction, remote retreats are a fantastic method of assembling employees from across the state, country, or globe into one space. Plus, they serve as a wonderful way to break up the monogamy of daily remote work, foster team-building, and encourage meaningful communication. 

If you missed it, the Remote Work Tribe recently published an entire DIY guide for how to host remote team retreats, both in-person and virtually. From how to plan a successful agenda to how to select a virtual or physical retreat venue, we cover all possible bases. So far, we’re received positive feedback from our community — including those who are opting for a virtual remote team retreat.

Zoom for Retreats? Yes, Really!

We know what you might be thinking — how can Zoom take the place of in-person collaboration? The trick is to not just rely on one platform. There is an entire host of virtual tours and experiences for remote team-building. For instance, Airbnb has an entire virtual experiences catalog, from cooking classes to magic shows. 

Ideally, a virtual team retreat should include a mix of virtual experiences that focus on teamwork, collaboration, and entertainment. Take a look at a few examples of team-building activities for virtual remote team retreats below! 

Virtual team-building activities for remote team retreats

Did these activities get you excited to plan a virtual retreat? Let’s chat to help you plan your very own! But before you leave, check out what else the Remote Work Tribe has been up to lately. 

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