Roundup No. 43: New Reading Recs from RWT


Hey there, Remote Work Tribe! It’s time for another Weekly Roundup, and you know the drill. Each week, we come prepared with the latest remote work developments, relatable threads, and hilarious #WFH themed tweets to keep you in the loop of all things remote. This week, we figured we’d do something we haven’t in a while: Give you some fresh reading recs! 

We all need some fresh perspective from time to time, which can make new reading recommendations super insightful. Plus, it’s always helpful to read what’s new in someone else’s remote world. (Hint: That’s why you should sign up for our monthly newsletter to get reading recs delivered straight to your inbox! 📬)

For this week’s reading recs, we stumbled across this thread of new blog posts by Nat Miletic, a Calgary-based IT leader and owner of Clio Websites.

The replies were quick to come pouring in — and suddenly we had tons of new blog posts to catch up on! First up, Nat’s own blog post about the most common WordPress questions.

Next up, we have a reading rec about using CSS generators to avoid common time-consuming tasks (yes, please).

Then, we have this blog post all about how to perform an SEO audit (where was this post when I was learning a few years ago?!).

And we found this blog about how Kenneth Cassel made $10k in one month from an online vim course (and this was his first ever blog post!).

Of course, you know Remote Work Tribe had to chime in with our latest blog post! If you haven’t read it yet, check out our DIY guide for remote team retreats, both in-person and virtual. 

But before you get too wrapped up in this week’s reading recs, take a look at what else went down on the interwebs this week!

Baby intensely reading a book.

The Tribe’s Weekly Vibes

1. This comparison of remote work during a pandemic and normal remote work.

2. This awesome contribution to the burn out conversation

3. This disturbing realization. 

4. And this hilariously unexpected DiGiorno reply. 

5. This emotional roller coaster we’ve all been on once or twice.

6. The simple reminder to only work on what you like — especially when you have the benefit of being a freelancer. 

7. This vital CDC recommendation ALL team leaders should take note of. 

8. This fantastic list of tips for new managers. 

9. This mantra several SMMs should repeat (daily). 

10. This lesson on sending swag the right way.


What’s happening in your remote world this week — do you have an must-have reading recs? Tag us over on Instagram, @TheRemoteWorkTribe, or on Twitter, @RemoteWorkTribe, for a chance to be featured on our next weekly thread!

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