Roundup No. 40: Burnout Among Freelancers


Welcome to another Weekly Roundup, Remote Work Tribe! If this is your first time clicking on a Weekly Roundup, you’re in store for a treat. This is the ultimate collection of the week’s brightest and most relatable #RemoteWork-themed tweets, complete with threads from some of your favorite remote work ambassadors. Today’s topic dives into something personal for some of our audience members: Burnout among freelancers.

Burnout among freelancers is something you should absolutely concern yourself with. Whether you’re a freelancer or independent contractor yourself, an agency or organization working with a freelancer, or have freelancer friends, a rise in burnout among freelancers indicates a simultaneous rise in unhealthy work trends. From burning the midnight oil long after your body’s signaled you need a rest to ignoring family and friends in order to work, burnout can take several forms—no matter who you are.

This week, the #FreelanceChat spearheaded by PR consultant and writer Michelle Garrett focused on the ins and outs of burnout. Let’s take a look at the recent insights from this chat, as well as which tips we shared to help combat burnout among freelancers.

How Prevalent is Burnout Among Freelancers?

How Long Does it Take to Recover from Burnout?

Above, Erin is spot on when saying, “Burnout doesn’t really resolve until I take actionable and intentional steps to change it.” Burnout cannot resolve until you decide to make changes in your life. For freelancers, that may mean implementing tighter boundaries and tending more to personal needs. For remote founders or remote employees, tackling burnout often calls for a top-down resolution. 

A top-down approach to burnout means that it’s the responsibility of management to lead by example and set healthy parameters for remote work. Leadership must actively take steps to alter the work environment and support the mental health and overall well-being of their employees.

Tips for Preventing Burnout Among Freelancers

Of course, you know we couldn’t let this chat go by without offering our tips to prevent burnout! You can learn more about how to move past burnout by toggling to the Burnout Resources above.

But before you go, check out what else the Remote Work Tribe was up to this month!

Woman pointing down at the Tribe's Weekly Vibes.

The Tribe’s Weekly Vibes

1. This reminder that you can make an impact without that coveted blue check mark.

2. This excellent advice everyone should live by.

3. This soul crushing moment us Zoom participants should keep in mind.

4. This understanding that being productive doesn’t mean sending yourself into burnout.

5. This push for asynchronous digital workplace to “close the context gap and ease code-switching.”

6. This push for “Work in Public” culture to encourage async workspaces.

7. This 23-report to show teammate or client the next time they request a “viral” post.

8. This reminder to optimize content for ALL audiences.

9. This reassurance many of us have to give ourselves by 2 p.m. on a Friday.


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