Roundup No. 48: A New Definition for “Work from Anywhere”


Hi there, Remote Work Tribe, and welcome to our Weekly Roundup! If you’re new here, the Weekly Roundup is a collection of the latest threads, trending Tweets, and ultra-relatable posts about remote work. Each week, we gather the top content across the internet, including helpful reading recommendations and rising communities. This week, we want to dive into the definition of what it truly means to “work from anywhere.”

The idea was sparked by this recent thread by social media consultant and industry commentator Matt Navarra, which was both hilarious and eye-opening. 

We’re all familiar with the concept that remote employees can “work from anywhere,” but is there a limit for the strange places a SMM will post? Apparently not.

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Anywhere Means *Anywhere*

On vacation? Work from there, too.

The ladies’ room of a funeral home?! Well, work from anywhere, right? Maybe not.

As Christine points out, this was before you could schedule for Instagram — so, we get that sometimes, you have to do what you have to do. But could this whole “work from anywhere” thing be going a bit too far? 

Enter the next reply to this thread.

Okay, let’s be real: This answer made us all cackle a bit. However, it’s a bit unnerving to know that so many employees or entrepreneurs have been forced to take the “work from anywhere” philosophy into arenas that definitely deserved personal boundaries. 

Work from Anywhere, Not Always

So, what’s the bottom line? “Work from anywhere” is absolutely a selling point for remote work. Without the physical constraints of an office, you could hypothetically work from a different country each month if you’d like. But in between the excitement of “work from anywhere,” remember to enforce boundaries when you need them.

 Work from anywhere ≠ work all the time. 

All laughter aside, it’s alarming that SMM across the board are taking time away from vacation, family time, or even moments of grief to continue working. For some people, work serves as an excellent distractor for those not-so-fun moments. However, everyone deserves time to be fully offline and present in whatever else they’re doing *outside* of work.

What do you think, Remote Work Tribe? Has “work from anywhere” gone too far, or is that just the beauty of being remote? Could “working from anywhere” just be a personal preference and not cause for issue? Sound off on Twitter, @RemoteWorkTribe

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