Roundup No. 42: Expectations vs. Reality (Career Edition)


Hi there, Remote Work Tribe, and welcome to another Weekly Roundup! You know the drill: Every week we give you the rundown on the latest remote work news and relatable threads (because we can all use a little laughter). A few weeks back, we touched on awful career advice we’ve heard over the years. But that trip down memory lane got us thinking… have you ever had an “expectations vs. reality” moment in your career?

You know, one of those moments that you thought you’d prepared for, just to realize you didn’t have a clue? Something you might have gone to school or trained for, just find your expectations were nothing like reality? These expectations vs. reality moments can apply to anything, from building a community or leading a team, to landing your first remote role. 

It can even apply to tapping into a new community you didn’t even know existed! Case in point: This tweet from social media manager Dev Machette.

If you’ve personally never dealt with an expectations vs. reality moment, let this tweet from Director of PR & Social, Jen Hartmann, set the scene for you. 

SEM? SEO? Investor relations? Sure, those might be run of the mill responsibilities for digital marketers now. But chances are, a ton of you reading this blog are thinking, “Yup, I did not sign up for that.”

All of these additional responsibilities might be why Personal & Corporate Brand Consultant, Gabriela Cardoza, fired off this hilarious and all-too-relatable tweet.

So, do you have an expectations vs. reality moment to share? Hit us up on Twitter to spill the details! But before you go, check out these other Slack-channel-worthy tweets to share with your team. 

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10. This helpful list of go-to remote working tools.


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