Roundup No. 41: Our Journey Growing a Community


Hi there, Remote Work Tribe! Welcome to another Weekly Roundup, where we cover the latest in remote work trends and dish out the best practices for navigating burnout and creating strong leadership. This week, we wanted to give a shout out to you—every person reading this or giving us a follow on Twitter or Instagram! Growing a community can be hard, but you folks make it feel easy.

We were inspired to pen this thank you for two reasons:

  1. Because we just broke 400 followers over on Instagram (and you can help us break 500 on Twitter!) 
  2. And because we saw this tweet about growing a community from Aadit S

If you’re new here, Remote Work Tribe was born out of a desire to become the go-to resource for anyone on a remote team. From day one, our goal has been to provide you value—whether it be in the form of burnout resources, communication guides, or these roundups each week. And the more our small tribe grows, the more it reinforces the value we’re able to bring each day.

However, that’s not to say that growing a community is all fun and games! If you’ve checked out our About Page, you’ll know that each member of the Remote Work Tribe either runs their own business or has their own responsibilities outside of this network. 

So, this tweet from Mustafa Khundmir hit us right in the feels. 

Growing a community takes a significant amount of time and effort! And when community is your passion project, it means you’ll set aside an hour just to engage with the people who took time out of their day to connect with you.

If you’re here reading this, or have taken time to engage with us in the past, thank YOU! Thank you for joining our small corner of the internet, where remote work and relatable memes collide in the most wonderful way. You’ve made growing a community more than worth it. We’re far from finished, but always thankful for this amazing start.

As a thank you for being part of our team, please download a free copy of our ebook, Burnout: The Remote Worker’s Largest Opponent—no strings attached. But before you dive into your new reading material, take a look what other members of the community were up to this week! 

Man logging on to his computer to check out the weekly vibes.

The Tribe’s Weekly Vibes

1. This all-too-familiar Chrome struggle our friends over at Google need to hear.

2. This reminder that in order to move past burnout, you must locate its root source.

3. This ultra-relatable thread for community builders.

4. This Fear Factor-esque interview process.

5. This push to restart, no matter what “quarter” we’re in. 

6. This sub-”par” alternative to remote work. 

7. This fantastic insight into dealing with difficult conversations (more coming on this soon!). 

8. This excellent example of never hiding your emotions.

9. This reminder to slow down and tend to your health and wellbeing.

10. This PSA we all should keep on a sticky note somewhere. 


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