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Burnout has an unusual way of making employees feel isolated, misunderstood, and uncared for. In the remote landscape, where so many of us are spending our days alone, it’s clear why burnout is our largest opponent. 

A jaw-dropping 23 percent of full-time employees claim to feel burnt out more often than not. Another 44 percent report feeling symptoms of burnout some of the time. For perspective, nearly two-thirds of full-time employees are burnt out at any given moment.

If you haven’t experienced burnout personally, chances are, someone on your remote team already has. It’s time to eliminate the stigma that surrounds burnout for good. By downloading our free ebook, Burnout: The Remote Worker’s Largest Opponent, we can begin to navigate and normalize burnout together.

What’s Included in Your Copy? 

Person in a suit with a burnt match stick in place of their head indicating remote burnout onset

Burnout: The Remote Worker’s Largest Opponent contains nine robust chapters that dive into every nitty-gritty detail about occupational burnout. Anticipate helpful information regarding:

  • The causes of burnout for remote employees
  • The symptoms and stages of burnout development
  • The effects of remote burnout on full-scale teams
  • The role of leadership in burnout development
  • The necessary steps to prevent burnout 
  • And much more

Burnout doesn’t wait, so why should you? Get your free copy now.