Roundup No. 8: How Permanent is the Remote Workforce?


Hey there, Remote Work Tribe! We hope your August goals are moving along as our remote workforce inches closer to this month’s halfway mark. 

This week, one Twitter user presented some pretty interesting statistics regarding the consensus on remote work compared to pre-pandemic workplaces. Considering the various age groups surveyed, a unique blend of opinions was collected.

The poll, conducted in early August, revealed that 67 percent of participants ranging from 18 to 30 had a better opinion of remote work now versus in-office workplaces BC (Before Corona). But as the surveyed age groups grew older, general approval of remote work declined. Rhiannon Payne, author of the upcoming “The Remote Work Era,” expressed how significantly the pandemic seemed to impact these results.

So, do you think that the COVID-19 pandemic has heavily influenced the spike in remote work preference, or what? As we continue to recover from these very strange times, one may wonder if the remote workforce is here to stay. Though, considering huge corporations such as Facebook and Google have already extended their remote work policies, we may already have an answer.

Now, how about we cut the pandemic discussion and check out what else the Remote Work Tribe discussed this week. 

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