Roundup No. 12: Company Culture on Remote Teams


Greetings, Remote Work Tribe! Though we might have talked about a lack of motivation last week, this week is all about improving team morale through company culture. While it can be difficult to replicate on-site company culture remotely, it’s certainly not impossible. 

In fact, some companies are hitting it out of the park!

Case in point: Torch cofounder and CEO Cameron Yarbrough. A recent tweet from Cameron really got our wheels spinning.

A healthy culture means even those who aren’t in the C-Suite feel empowered to speak on decisions which affect the whole company. After all, a junior employee is still an employee—and they will be impacted by whatever decisions come from the top.

The comfortability to speak on this issue is a clear indicator that the Torch team has created an open, accepting culture that’s more keen to grow than it is to stifle its employees’ concerns.

When asked how he and his team were able to build such a strong culture, Cameron had a rather straight-forward response: ask for feedback. Repeatedly.

With more companies embracing a remote-first policy, it’s incredibly refreshing to see such an honest, impactful answer from a CEO. But, that’s not all we were happy to see this week! Let’s check out what else the Remote Work Tribe was up to aside from building an awesome company culture.

Boy with hi-tech special glasses zooming in to investigate something

The Tribe’s Weekly Vibes

1. This four-legged culprit behind the leg cramp you assumed was caused by overextended Zoom calls.

2. This roster of obvious attributes behind the anti-remote work mentality.

3. Along with this one simple attribute to the pro-remote work mentality. 

4.  These stages of remote work grief demonstrating why adoption has taken so long.

5.  This unexpected fight to get to the bathroom, even while working remote.

6.  This persistent fight to impress dad even in the midst of several Zoom calls.

7. This newly opened position in the feline remote work network.

8. This distant memory of something growing ever so common.


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By Grace Trumpfeller