Roundup No. 30: Celebrate Going Remote


Welcome back to another Weekly Roundup, Remote Work Tribe! Each week, it feels like our small network expands more and more. We probably owe that to the very nature of going remote—of connecting with like-minded employees and entrepreneurs across the globe. Here at Remote Work Tribe, we like to celebrate going remote, which is why we’re pretty stoked to bring you this latest update. 

Drum roll please… Drift has gone remote! 

In a LinkedIn post this past Monday, Drift CEO David Cancel broke the exciting news. 

Digital First statement from David Cancel of Drift

In his statement to celebrate going remote, David said, “The world has changed, and we can’t pretend we are going back to the world we had before. This has meant that over the past ten months, we’ve been forced to reevaluate every belief we held as a company.”

Moving forward, Drift will be a Digital First company, joining the ranks of Twitter, Facebook, Stripe, and other burgeoning companies. Even more, David revealed that this recent pivot has expanded the Drift team to numerous states and countries, opening opportunities for talent without borders. 

Truth be told, this Tweet pretty much sums up how we all feel: 

Now that we’ve all had our fair share of time to celebrate going remote together, let’s check out what Twitter was buzzing about this week! 

Young boy with hi-tech glasses zooming in to look at something.

The Tribe’s Weekly Vibes

1. This super power to read the room.

2. This past-due reminder for companies to adopt community.

3. This example of even when you’re feeling “lucky” for your growth, it was most likely your hard work that got you there.

4. This proof that your children may be a bit more observant than you expected.

5. This addition to remote work #goals. 😍

6. This reminder to routinely send positivity to your friends in need.

7. This proof that you’re not the only one.

8. This necessary reminder that social media is still capable of producing knowledge (instead of stress).

9. This prompt to build what you want to see.

10. This example of when it ain’t broke, don’t fix it (looking at you, Instagram!).


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