Roundup No. 7: Remote Networking, Yay or Nay?


Welcome back, Remote Work Tribe! As August continues to ramp up and fly by, the majority of workers are experiencing yet another month without in-person networking events or company outings, leaving them to network remotely.

While most of us are still strictly #WFH, one Twitter user posed an interesting question about the preferences behind team bonding events. As these unusual times of the COVID-19 pandemic dwindle, the responses to this question may surprise you.

Nearly almost tied, the divide between missing team bonding events and forever exterminating them from our lives was pretty fascinating.

Now more than ever, remote leaders have been searching for ways to recreate in-person team bonding. While it may seem difficult, it’s certainly not impossible.

Rather than relying on calendar invites or hoping someone on your team has an actual desire to orchestrate some sort of virtual gathering for you, why not create a designated “watercooler” Slack channel? Use this channel to drop funny GIFs, share uploads of furry friends, and debate top Netflix series.

By dedicating a platform to the casual conversations you miss from social outings, your extroverted employees have somewhere to mingle while more introverted employees don’t feel pressured to participate.

Funny dog typing on laptop while working from home to network remotely

Also, don’t stick solely to your immediate team. Encouraging conversation across departments can offer rewarding work relationships and connect employees who typically don’t cross paths. Aside from a dedicated Slack channel, consider hosting an optional weekly video conference for the whole company to help gather departmental teams, generate engagement, and network remotely.

If you’re looking for more tips and tricks for how to replicate in-person team bonding remotely, check out our guide for How to Create Water Cooler Talk in a Remote Team.

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