Roundup No. 5: The Great Productivity Debate


With just a few more days left in July, it’s been nothing short of interesting to see what our remote work community has been up to lately. From exciting new projects to breaking down barriers in communication, the Remote Work Tribe has been on a roll.

Michael from The Office television series spraying champagne

However, not everybody is loving the newest remote workforce. Case in point: Humu CEO and Co-founder, Laszlo Bock, who claims gains in productivity while working remotely were “fear-driven.”

But, not to fret. Basecamp founder and CEO, Jason Fried, was quick to hop in on the debate.

Eating popcorn and giggling

Break out the popcorn, because this is one remote work thread we don’t want to miss! Check out some of this week’s other awesome Tweets to see what the rest of the Remote Work Tribe has been up to recently.

The Tribe’s Weekly Vibes 

1. This pun chain that was just *too good* not to share. 

2. This user’s take on remote work…

3. …versus what it actually looks like.

4. This director who absolutely hit the nail on the head.

5. This! This is just too cool. Please excuse us while we geek out.

6. This gentleman who is loving being a part of the #RemoteWorkTribe.

7. This ingenious #WFH hack. 

8. This accurate representation of Zoom meetings.

9. This VERY accurate representation of Zoom meetings + kids. 

10. This fantastic way of judging your calendar. 🚗


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