AuthorGrace Trumpfeller

Roundup No. 47: A Tale of Poor Management


For what it’s worth, we’ve all dealt with some pretty poor management in the past — we just haven’t all Tweeted about it. Luckily, this recent Tweet did a fantastic job of gathering a ton of relatable experiences into one thread.

Roundup No. 46: A Spotlight for Rising Communities


Hi there, Remote Work Tribe, and welcome to the first Weekly Roundup of May! If you’re new here, the Weekly Roundup is a collection of the latest remote work threads, relatable Tweets, and helpful resources. Last month, we detailed our journey growing a community. This week, we want to shine a spotlight on other rising communities across the remote space.  We were inspired by this Tweet by David...

Roundup No. 40: Burnout Among Freelancers


Whether you’re a freelancer or independent contractor yourself, an agency or organization working with a freelancer, or have freelancer friends, a rise in burnout among freelancers indicates a simultaneous rise in unhealthy work trends.