Roundup No. 47: A Tale of Poor Management


It’s Friday, so you know what that means, Remote Work Tribe — it’s time for another Weekly Roundup! If you’re new here, let’s catch you up to speed: The Weekly Roundup is a curated collection of the top threads, trending Tweets, and relatable posts from the past week. We gather the latest news in remote work, emerging leadership, and daily workflow. We also don’t shy away from uncomfortable topics, like poor management.

In fact, poor management (or rather, how to improve poor management) is one of our most favorite topics. Every employee — regardless if you’re remote or in-office — deserves an empathetic, effective manager. However, remote work especially calls for a manager who can navigate the nuances of virtual communication and make all employees feel at ease within company culture. When a remote employee is faced with poor management, it not only impacts workflow, but also the employee’s overall mental health. 

Relatable Poor Management Experiences

All too often, we stumble across horror stories of fellow remote employees and their experiences with poor management. With the pandemic accelerating how many employees entered the remote workforce, the trend of poor management continues to grow. For this Weekly Roundup, we wanted to spotlight these less-than-great experiences for those who might be reading this thinking they’re alone. 

For what it’s worth, we’ve all dealt with some pretty poor management in the past — we just haven’t all Tweeted about it. Luckily, this recent Tweet from Adweek did a fantastic job of gathering a ton of relatable experiences into one thread.

The replies were quick to come in, and honestly, most of them made us pretty furious. Take a look at these two examples of downright poor management. 

Anyone Can Fall Victim to Poor Management 

Do you feel like you’re the only one with a really terrible boss? You’re not alone, friend! Though we wish the trend of poor management wasn’t so prevalent, we do take comfort in knowing that:

  1. We’re in it together!
  2. We can take steps to reverse it.

Case in point: The most recent Ellen DeGeneres scandal. Following months of allegations of poor management on her behalf, Ellen recently announced that her popular daytime talk show will be entering its final season. Can you imagine having a boss like Ellen Degeneres and still walking away with horror stories?!

In her most recent #PopChat, marketing instructor and queen of relatable tweets Brianne Fleming kicked off the conversation by analyzing a recent quote by Ellen referring to the scandal.

The Public Responds to Ellen

The responses were certainly mixed, so definitely check out the #PopChat for all replies. However, for an overview of the public opinion, take a look at these replies. 

We know one thing for sure: There’s never an excuse for poor management. No matter if there are 20 employees or 20,000, systems should be in place that respect employees — as well as their time, their personal boundaries, and their interests. Truthfully, we can go on and on about how corporate culture is a top-down effect, but for now, we’ll head into what else was happening on the internet this week. 

two women pointing down

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