Roundup No. 53: How to Express Business Values Remotely


Hi there, Remote Work Tribe and welcome to another Weekly Roundup! Can you believe this is already our last Weekly Roundup of the month? This year seems to be flying by! Fortunately, the time might be passing quickly, but it’s still packing in a ton of insight. Case in point: The latest conversation about how to express business values remotely. 

This past Thursday, Remote Work Tribe Founder Jessica Malnik was the featured guest on #FreelanceChat. A weekly Twitter chat hosted by Michelle Garrett, #FreelanceChat generates countless invaluable threads — whether you’re a freelancer or a small business owner. The topic this week was all about positioning. 

Participants, including yours truly, discussed what positioning means to them, how they distinguish themselves from the crowd, and how they express their business values. In the remote environment, you have to lean heavily on your digital assets, like your website or social media, to give clients or teammates a glimpse of your business values.

But how exactly can you capture your business values accurately through a computer screen?

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Becoming One with Your Business Values

For the third question of the #FreelanceChat, participants dove into how to accurately express your business values across your website and social media.

Take a look at some of the replies — 

How do you capture your business values on your digital assets, Remote Work Tribe? Do you feature a dedicated values page or “About Us” page, or practice what you preach? Hop over to Twitter and let us know! 

But before you leave, check out what else the Twitterverse was up to this week.

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The Tribe’s Weekly Vibes

1. This protest to bring back generic job titles that *actually* explain what you do.

2. This prime example of trust issues in the digital age.

3. This! THIS!

4. This double-take we’re all familiar with in some way, shape, or form.

5. This perfectly phrased pitch to fight burnout.

6. This reminder that community requires a tribe.

7. This thread that dives into a common issue most business owners encounter.

8. And this fantastic answer to the burning question!

9. This all-too-relatable look at digital couples.

10. This method of gamifying your remote tools.


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By Grace Trumpfeller