Roundup No. 54: Is Remote Work Gaining Momentum?


Hi there, Remote Work Tribe, and welcome back from the long weekend! After taking some time off, we’re here for another Weekly Roundup. This week, we’re bringing you something else to celebrate — news that remote work is gaining momentum! 

Of course, the pandemic essentially forced a ton of businesses to go remote throughout 2020. Fast-forward to today, and the same employees who made the initial switch to remote work aren’t too fond of going back to office life as they knew it. Now, their employers might be paying the price.

If this scenario feels familiar, it’s likely because a ton of remote workers saw it coming from a mile away. The general consensus is that remote work is just fine for productivity — if not more so — and employees would much rather work from home than commit to a commute.

Remote Work Gaining Momentum in 2021

As you can see by the above tweet, the cause of remote work gaining momentum is largely dependent on the subsequent switch back to the office. However, for dispersed teams to continue gaining momentum, businesses must rely on more than just a remote work policy.

Amy hits the nail on the head by highlighting management as a key part of remote work gaining momentum. Without the “desk watch” some managers are accustomed to, a proper transition to remote work will be fueled by managers who can understand the intricacies of dispersed teams

What do you think, Remote Work Tribe (especially our friends in recruiting!), is remote work finally gaining momentum? Check out the tweets below to see if other remote workers agree!

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