Weekly Roundup No. 56: How Community Builds Brands


Hi there, Remote Work Tribe, and welcome back to another Weekly Roundup! If you’re new here, the Weekly Roundup is a timely collection of the top tweets, trending threads, and informative posts scattered across the internet. It’s no secret we focus on community here at Remote Work Tribe, which brings us to this week’s trending topic: how community builds brands!

Our topic this week was inspired by Amanda Goetz, founder of House of Wise luxury CBD and community for women. Early Monday morning, Amanda tweeted this gem of a thread that all brand-builders should take note of ASAP.

So what does Direct to Community mean, anyway? Let’s dive in.

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Why it’s Time to Redefine DTC

If you’ve spent time marketing for a Direct to Consumer brand, you know that customer acquisition cost (CAC) is the most hounded KPI. However, a large chunk of that budget is spent on paid ads.

So, here’s the real golden nugget in all of this:

So, Community Builds Brand?

It’s time to examine how exactly community builds brands.

The Community Weighs In 

When scrolling through the thread in its entirety, it’s clear that the consensus is that community builds brands. 

Other users point out that most high-profile platforms are also leveraging community to build brands.

So, what do you think, Remote Work Tribe? Is it true that community builds brands? Sound off on Twitter — but before you go, check out what else the community was up to this week!

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The Tribe’s Weekly Vibes

1. This thread of popular (but passable) book recommendations.

2. This cartoon that we’ve all had some real-life experience with.

3. This list of lessons from passing a $1 million milestone.

4. This reminder that unfollowing can be good for the soul.

5. This collection of overused stock photos to officially avoid from here on out.

6. This thread emphasizing the importance of meaningful communication in company culture.

7. This nudge to always consider what someone or something can teach you.

8. This LinkedIn post that perfectly encapsulates the need to coach all members of your team.

ey managers -  You know that superstar on your team?  The person that doesn't need constructive feedback in order to meet and exceed expectations?  They're awesome now, but odds are they're hungry to get better.  They want constructive feedback more than anyone.  Don't forget about them.

9. This inspirational career trajectory.

10. This thread of up-and-coming creatives to remember. 


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