Roundup No. 32: Dealing with Imposter Syndrome


Hi there, Remote Work Tribe, and thank you for joining us for another Weekly Roundup! If this is your first rodeo, the Weekly Roundup is our chance to spotlight anything and everything related to remote work—from email etiquette and team building to the dreaded imposter syndrome. Today we’ll be diving directly into imposter syndrome: what it is and if it’s really as common as you think it is (spoiler alert, it is).

If you have a chronic case of self-doubt, even with past success, chances are you’re suffering from a bout of imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome can generally be defined as feelings of self-doubt or inadequacy that persist despite kudos from team members or a ton of past experiences.

Those suffering from imposter syndrome normally experience a sense of “intellectual fraudulence” or like they’re just not smart or talented enough to sit at the popular table. In reality, most of these individuals have tangible proof of their abilities, in the form of awards, shout outs from teammates, or testimonials from clients.

But with imposter syndrome, those accomplishments can all fall to the wayside.

If you think you’re alone with dealing with imposter syndrome think again. It’s WAY more common than you might think.

Those people you look up to? They experience imposter syndrome every now and then too. And like Sheeta Verma said, literally all of us are Googling how to do stuff on a daily basis.

It’s not that we’re not capable—typically, we pop over to Google to confirm information we already knew. In some cases, we’re using that query as a chance to learn a new skill. And in the scheme of things, being able to admit when you need a refresher on a subject is actually a super self-aware, positive trait.

If imposter syndrome has been nagging away at you recently, take this Roundup as a sign that you’re more than capable AND more than qualified. Consider these tips for stopping imposter syndrome in its tracks.

Remember that you can do it! You are enough! And the support of the Remote Work Tribe is right here waiting for you if you need a positivity boost.

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