Roundup No. 28: Happy New Year to All (Except Slack?)


Happy New Year, Remote Work Tribe! Welcome to the first Weekly Roundup of 2021: a collection of anything and everything remote work, leadership, and distributed teams that has unfolded over the past few days. 

It seems the remote workforce was off to a rocky start this morning, when Slack—arguably the most popular chat platform for businesses—suffered an outage Monday morning that prevented users from sending messages or connecting to the service.

The results? Equal parts pandemonium and comedy. 

The outage lasted slightly longer than three hours for some, though Slack did warn users “may experience degraded performance” as they worked to resolve the issue.

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Of course, popular software crashes all of the time, just ask Instagram or search the hashtag #InstagramDown. However, with it being the start of the New Year, most of us couldn’t help making a few jokes at Slack’s expense.

But considering most of are pretty loyal to Slack, which is powered by a remote team, we’ve agreed to let this mishap slide.

Granted, this likely isn’t how the Slack team wanted to kick off their New Year. But following the tail-end of 2020, anything is possible, right? Regardless, we’re glad to be back on Slack ourselves, firing off New Year GIFs and well-wishes to all of our distributed team members.

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