Roundup No. 27: Goal Setting in 2021


Happy Holidays, Remote Work Tribe! We’re back with one final Weekly Roundup of 2020—and can you believe it’s our last of the year already? 2020 has simultaneously felt both excruciatingly long and mind-blowingly short. But one thing is for sure: we’ve been so glad to have had you on board with us this year! We hope you’ll stay tuned for our latest adventure, which is goal setting in 2021! 🎉

After such an uncertain few months, it’s understandable to have mixed feelings about setting goals for the New Year.

Growth marketer Mindy Thomas raised a good question: should you aim for specific or generalized goal setting in 2021?

Man pointing upwards as text reads "All of this" in regards to goal setting in 2021.

Some noted that this year has been hard to predict, so one must use caution when goal setting in 2021…

…While others are plugging ahead with specific projects in mind and the tools to help them get there.

How will you be goal setting in 2021? Are you opting for more “umbrella” type goals, or drilling down specific objectives for the New Year?

Before you whip out your New Year’s Resolutions list, check out what other remote workers were up to these past few days!

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By Grace Trumpfeller