Roundup No. 24: Slack Acquisition and the Remote Landscape


Welcome back to another Weekly Roundup, Remote Work Tribe! If you’re new here, our Weekly Roundup is a collection of anything and everything remote work and leadership, from the latest developments in remote work policy to breaking tech news. So, it’s no surprise that our topic of conversation this week is the Slack acquisition, also dubbed “the Slackquisition.”

That’s right, this past Tuesday, Salesforce acquired Slack for a cool $27.7 billion (yes, billion with a ‘b’).

Man in bathing suit jumping off a diving board into a pool of money representing the cash in the Slack acquisition.

Slack has received glowing praise from remote employees for years now, but coming off the wave of a global pandemic that forced many in-house employees to work home, it seems everyone is buzzing about the convenience and accessibility of the Slack app. 

From file-sharing to video conferencing, the Slack interface can handle the majority of a remote team’s communication needs. Plus, its roster of integrations helps streamline daily operations.

Earlier this year, we discussed how Slack joined a lineup of other companies who vowed to become fully remote, including Shopify, Square, Stripe, Facebook, and Twitter. However, the latest Slack acquisition might not be going over as well as their remote transition.

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By Grace Trumpfeller