The Inaugural Remote Work Tribe Weekly Roundup


Roll call, Remote Work Tribe! It’s been one long week, hasn’t it? Even for those of us who have been working remotely for years.

What we can say for certain, though, is that the future of remote work has never looked brighter.

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Thursday morning, Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo announced that the company has decided to become fully remote.

Currently, Quora boasts more than 300 million monthly active users and a staff of over 800. The company news comes shortly after giants such as Slack, Shopify, Square, and Stripe joined the ranks of Facebook and Twitter to opt for completely remote workflows. 

Considering plenty of us spent the latter half of 2019 explaining how productive and cost-effective remote work could be on a scalable level, chances are, we can all agree shifts to fully remote work models are a win across the board. 

But, just as this week was full of record highs for the remote work community, there were a handful of interrupted conference calls, epic WFH disasters, and quite a few *face-palm* moments. 

Let’s see what the remote work community was up to this week. 

The Tribe’s Weekly Vibe: Relatable Tweet Edition 

1. Getting sick of those, “I hope this message finds you well” emails? Her too.

2. So, this Twitter user fixed it.

3. This guy who hit the nail on the head.

4. This developer who joined #TeamZapier.

5. This user who had a rather… rocky… presentation.

6. This remote worker who brought the party to Mickey D’s.

7. This tweet which honestly just warms your heart.

8. This little dude who may or may not be the next Tom Cruise.

9. This pup just doing his best.

10. The self-dubbed Keeper of Hens and her remote work tribe.

11. This. This. THIS!

Are these tweets bringing on an odd sense of déjà vu? Yeah, us too. 


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