Roundup No. 23: Remote Work and an Entrepreneurial Mindset


Happy Monday, Remote Work Tribe! Our team took some much-deserved time off this weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the states, and we hope you and your remote team did the same. In between piles of mashed potatoes and cat naps on the couch, we set aside moments to reflect on what we’ve been thankful for this whirlwind of a year. Despite the tough times we’ve been through together, we’ve found plenty to be grateful for. 

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For one, the support from our tribe of remote employees and fellow remote teams has made all of the difference these past few months—we’re eternally grateful.

Secondly, we’ve come to appreciate the freedom and flexibility of remote work even more, as it’s made handling rocky transitions tremendously easier.

And lastly, we’re thankful for the entrepreneurial mindset that encouraged us along this remote path in the first place.

Speaking of entrepreneurial mindset, we couldn’t let the week pass us by without giving a shout out to Tony Piloseno, the TikTok paint-mixing employee that caused quite the stir on Twitter. Check out Tony’s—AKA Tonester Paints’—story down below! 

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The Digital Marketing Pitch of the Year (And How it Backfired)

This colorful saga began earlier in the year when Ohio native and former Sherwin-Williams’ employee Tony Piloseno began his now-viral TikTok account.

The account became an instant hit, racking up over a million followers in just a few months. But it wasn’t the overnight fame that inspired Tony… it was simply his love of paint!

Tony went as far as creating a pitch deck for the company’s VP of Marketing to explain how Sherwin-Williams could develop brand awareness through channels like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, all while reaching a younger demographic. 

Unfortunately, Tony never did have the chance to present his pitch deck. When Sherwin-Williams corporate caught wind of Tony’s account, they fired him for “Gross Misconduct” — despite the fact that customers were calling to ask about the videos and learn more about the paint colors Tony used. Bear in mind, no customers nor private company information were ever included in Tony’s videos. Plus, Tony claims he purchased all materials used in his content.

When Twitter users discovered that Tony was fired, they were quick to hop to his defense on social media. And in true Twitter fashion, they cracked some jokes along the way.

Other users simply could not get over the effort poor Tony put forward in the first place.

As for Tony, he’s set up a studio in his friend’s basement to keep creating paint videos and develop his own brand. You can keep up with his latest creations on his TikTok page, @tonesterpaints.


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Now, let’s get into the week’s latest remote work developments! 

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The Remote Work Tribe’s Weekly Vibes

1. These undeniable benefits of remote work.

2. This newsflash that who needs water when you have internet (and a cute pup!)?

3. This reminder that you can skip the ads when you pick up a book (or ebook).

4. This important message about social platforms.

5. This push to simply do your best.

6. This emphasis on individual attention and how beneficial it can truly be.

7. This reminder to charge your worth.

8. This longing for coffee shop work.

9. This return on small human investments.

10. These important tips to reduce burnout risk (more information on preventing burnout here).

11. This lesson that passive income takes work.

12. This encouragement to find your room.


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By Grace Trumpfeller