Roundup No. 10: Should the Location of Remote Work Determine Pay?


Hey there, Remote Work Tribe! As we step closer to September and even closer to fall, (yes, summer officially comes to an end September 22 🤯) we hope that you confidently crushed all of your August goals.

For decades, employers and employees alike have discussed the widespread discrepancies between salaries in relation to company and employee location. Large corporate hubs, such as New York City and Silicon Valley, tend to see higher paying positions versus less-notorious business cities like St. Louis or Portland. And while salary vs. location has been an ongoing battle, there hasn’t been a solution in sight.

Now, as this conversation bleeds into the booming era of remote work, what’s the next move? We’ve already noted that several members of the remote workforce have chosen to relocate from major cities, but how will that tackle the issue of payment? 

The Remote Work Tribe was quick to weigh in, offering several points of reasoning such as the issue of supply and demand, along with the global expansion of remote talent.

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