Roundup No. 37: Awful Professional Advice (And Why it Won’t Work)


Welcome to the first Weekly Roundup of March, Remote Work Tribe! It seems like just yesterday we were wishing you a Happy New Year… where does the time go? 🤔 Now that March is well underway, we want to kick-off the first Weekly Roundup of the month with a subject that’s equal parts comedy and tragedy: Awful professional advice.

Let’s be honest here, we have all received some downright terrible business counsel in the past. When it comes to professional advice, it seems like everyone and their great-aunt has an opinion about what might work best. However, not everyone has the right idea about what qualifies as “good” professional advice. 

Case in point: This recent thread started by Jack Appleby, Senior Creative Strategist at Twitch. Jack’s question was pretty straightforward —

It didn’t take long for responses to come rolling in, and some were just awful, if we’re being honest. 

First off, let’s just get rid of the phrase, “pay your dues” in 2021, okay? This phrase generally implies that entry-level employees should break their backs for access into their desired fields. How about, “pay employees what they’re worth and let them organically build connections to those on their respective career path” instead? 

No one is implying you don’t have to work hard or even make some sacrifices along the way, but like Sonia says above, we must normalize leaving a role that does not fulfill you or make you happy. 

“Stop Being Nice” Advice?

Here’s another great example of awful professional advice: 

“Stop being nice” is a new one—and one that’s equally as garbage as “pay your dues.” Like Daryl says in his Tweet, a good attitude and friendly demeanor will get you a lot farther in business than a nasty attitude ever could.

Why to Avoid that Awful Professional Advice

Realistically, everyone will be keen on giving you some type of business wisdom through the years. While it’s not always ill-intentioned, it’s important to remember to take this guidance with a grain of salt. 

No one will understand your career path the way you do. Be wary of who you trust and, above all, steer clear of awful professional advice that generally advises you to do anything you’re not comfortable with.

With this being said, we have a bit of cheeky advice for you… go ahead and read this week’s vibes!

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