Weekly Roundup No. 59: Leadership in Remote Teams


If you’re new here, The Remote Work Tribe Weekly Roundup is your go-to resource for everything happening in the world of remote work, fully distributed teams, and global management.  This week, we stumbled across an interesting tweet by Work From Home Jobs linking to an article that nails some of the most common issues remote managers struggle with.

The reality is that remote work stopped being perceived as a trend to actually being an essential way to do meaningful work, but, somehow it seems managers have not fully figured out how to transition to remote work. 

That is why we will focus on leadership tactics when leading remote teams that appear to be super effective on this issue of our roundup.


Evan Dancer shares how something simple can be quite fantastic. 

Who would have thought that simply asking about how the weekend is going will simultaneously allow you to connect with your teammates and figure out how to remove blockers?

Simple. Yet, powerful.

We also came across this fantastic Tweet that @laura_skaife shared. Simon Sinek is one of our favorite authors, and, of course, we agree that being a good leader is much more about taking care of our team rather than trying to lead.

Simon, if you are out there and read this, thank you.

We also stumbled upon this classic Dilbert. In many ways, it summarizes several aspects the Forbes article mentions. 

Please, do not be that kind of manager. Thanks.

And, If you happen to be a freelancer and basically lead yourself, this next tweet will be right up your alley.

Also, if you are still not sure why remote work is so sweet, the next one should strike a chord.

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By Angela Polo