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The Intricacies of Team-Wide Remote Communication

Woman looks over meeting notes while on a video call with multiple team members

When it comes to team-wide remote communication, there are a ton of nuances that can inform a more productive (and enjoyable) working relationship. Let’s take a look at the nuances involved with remote manager communication, remote team member communication, and why certain conversations can be a bit more tricky while on a remote or hybrid team.

A DIY Guide for Remote Team Retreats: Virtual and In-Person

Employees gathered around a fire on the beach for a remote team retreat

Here is everything you need to know to successfully plan a remote team retreat either in-person or virtually, from the smallest details to the largest considerations. Whether you’re the manager of a complex organization with hundreds of staff, or a team leader with 10 team members, this ultimate DIY guide is for you.

Roundup No. 19: Remote Work Resources

Jack-o-lanterns with spooky background

Spooky season is almost nearing a close, but not without one last scare: burnout. If you’re late to the party, let us catch you up and share our latest remote work resource.

What is Burnout?

Row of matches gradually burning to ash representing the idea of remote burnout

Despite only becoming a household name in the past decade, occupational burnout has been around for nearly 50 years. Let's take a look at its symptoms, stages, and common misconceptions surrounding its onset.

Burnout: A Remote Worker’s Biggest Opponent

Row of matches gradually burning to ash representing the idea of remote burnout

The truth is, remote work does work. But, it might not work for everybody. Burnout is real, and it can strike when you least expect it. For remote work to fit your lifestyle, and more importantly, feed a positive headspace, it’s time to navigate and normalize burnout.

Roundup No. 18: Remote Work Benefits

Man sitting outside while using laptop enjoying remote work benefits

Of course, seeking shelter warm at home while the world outside is cold and wet sounds like an obvious benefit of remote work. But aside from comfort and flexibility, there are a ton of remote work benefits not everyone in the workforce saw coming pre-pandemic.

Roundup No. 17: Remote Worker Mental Health

Man sitting at desk rubbing eyes stressed out due to poor mental health

Mental health is something that absolutely, 100 percent should not be a taboo, but somehow… it is. We’ve spent the past several weeks diving into research regarding burnout, the stigma surrounding mental health, and the anxiety to discuss personal matters in the workplace. It appears that 9 times out of 10, remote workers feel ashamed, embarrassed, or too nervous to admit to a team member or...

Roundup No. 16: Remote Burnout

Large flames

We’ve done a lot of talking lately about remote work policies and how many companies have embraced the power of a remote workforce. Something we haven’t jumped into yet? Remote burnout.