The Remote Work Tribe Podcast: Jimmy Rose


In this episode of the Remote Work Tribe podcast, we talk with Jimmy Rose, co-founder at Content Snare. We discuss how he has found the right people for his organization, what he keeps in mind when it comes to streamlining processes and aligning his team in an async context, the impact of AI in multiple areas of his work, and much more. 

Episode timestamps:

  • How did Jimmy come up with the idea of ContentSnare ? (00:37) 
  • What is the team structure at Content Snare(3:17)
  • What is the hiring process like and how do they find the best talent ? (4:28)
  • What other processes Jimmy does when hiring to make sure how to find the best candidates. (9:25)
  • AI writing detectors (14:30)
  • His vision when it comes to understanding AI and its future.  (16:40)
  • How to delegate and empower teams to do their best work?  (25:05)
  • How did Jimmy realize hiring better people was essential for the business? (28:10)
  • Resources that have helped Jimmy improve his hiring processes. (31:00)
  • How does Jimmy help the team with alignment in an async environment?  (31:55)
  • How to make the right decisions when it comes to letting go of people.  (35:09)
  • Running great performance reviews. (37:35) 
  • Lightning round questions. (39:52)

We hope you enjoy it!

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By Sebastian Cuervo