The Remote Work Tribe Podcast: Implementing EOS


In this episode of the Remote Work Tribe podcast, we discuss how to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) with Rachel Mazza and John Doherty. Among many subjects, we discuss the types of roles required to make it work, how to lead and improve tracking by implementing an operating process, hiring the best talent, and letting go of people who aren’t the right fit among many subjects. 

Episode timestamps:

  • How did both of them hear about EOS? (1:57) 
  • The importance of alignment in terms of results (6:30)
  • How did they introduce EOS to their teams? (7:25)
  • Key concepts and how to implement them: Rocks, Scorecards, and Level 10 meetings. (11:55).
  • Implementing EOS early and its advantages. (16:05)
  • Key Concepts: Quarterly scorecard and quarterly (19:15)
  • How to set Rocks in a way that works for your team? (23:28)
  • The impact of Rocks as a tool that helps leaders identify skill gaps and how to leverage that process? (26:30)   
  • The method of setting rocks that are either too ambitious or too easy and how to find the sweet spot. (28:40)
  • Strategies to work past weaknesses while being a confident and humble leader (35:15)
  • The impact of visualizing workloads and how to lead a team that is not performing at its best (38:30)
  • What would they have done differently when implementing EOS if they could return in time? (43:06)

We hope you enjoy it!

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By Sebastian Cuervo