The Remote Work Tribe Podcast: Sonia Simone


In this episode of the Remote Work Tribe podcast, we talk with Sonia Simone. We discuss subjects such as empowering your team to do their best work, becoming a better leader and ensuring expectations and outputs are aligned, building systems for growth, avoiding micromanagement, and much more. 

Episode timestamps:

  • What are some of Sonia’s favorite articles? (00:50) 
  • What still holds today about Sonia’s article “The Right Way to Think About Google? (1:32)
  • Worst advice Sonia has seen in decades of experience as a writer. (3:55)
  • Sonia’s take on AI. (5:30)
  • How can Sonia tell if a writer has the right skills for the craft? (7:20)
  • How did she build a system to guarantee quality for all content back when she worked at Copyblogger? (9:06)
  • What did the editorial team look like at Copyblogger Media? (11:40)
  • What is Sonia’s philosophy when it comes to leadership? (13:30)   
  • How did Sonia learn to lead without expecting employees to embrace founder mentalities? (16:00)
  • How can she self-correct from the tendency to become a micromanager? (18:20)
  • How does Sonia empower team members? (21:00) 
  • How to set boundaries with your team. (23:05)
  • How to embrace self-awareness as a founder without sabotaging your business and your confidence? (25:00)
  • If she could return to her first time being a manager, what advice would she give herself and how to encourage an open feedback culture? (27:35)
  • Some of the mistakes Sonia made when having difficult conversations with her team? (30:49) 
  • Additional tips for managing writers and editors. (32:58) 
  • What is Sonia’s focus right now? (35:27)
  • Lighting round questions. (35:27)

We hope you enjoy it!

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By Sebastian Cuervo