The Remote Work Tribe Podcast: Justin Tan


In this episode of the Remote Work Tribe podcast, we talk with Justin Tan, Founder of Video Husky. We discuss subjects such as building solid foundations for a business, the importance of having the right people at the right seats, how to remove yourself from operations, and even how to find and hire a general manager to run your business. 

Episode timestamps:

  • What inspired Justin to create epic Twitter threads? (00:30) 
  • What has Justin learned in his 90-day Twitter thread challenge? (1:32)
  • The importance of being human when writing. (4:30)
  • The process of hiring a general manager. (5:40)
  • How did Justin realize he was burning out and was ready to hire a manager? (7:25)
  • How did Justin go about removing himself from running the business? (9:42)
  • How did Justin come up with the video agency business not being a video person? (14:14)
  • What is the team structure of Video Husky. (16:13)   
  • How did he train his GM to become an effective leader? (17:28)
  • How did Justin keep his GM motivated to run the business without him being present (19:52)
  • Systems and processes that Justin established at the beginning to help him scale. (22:05) 
  • His perspective on the book Traction. (25:25)
  • What would he have done differently when building systems for growth if he could go back in time? (27:45)
  • Resources to train people to become managers. (29:35)
  • What is the pod model, and how does it work? (31:46) 
  • Lighting round questions. (35:30)

We hope you enjoy it!

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By Sebastian Cuervo