The Remote Work Tribe Podcast: Alex Panagis


In this episode of the Remote Work Tribe podcast, we talk with Alex Panagis, Founder & CEO at ScaleMath. We discuss leadership practices and how to promote accountability and transparency, some of the mindset shifts from leading an agency to building a product, how to help struggling teammates succeed, async alignment, and much more. 

Episode timestamps:

  • Exciting projects Alex is working on these days? (00:30) 
  • How did the ScaleMath team decide to build a product? (1:30)
  • Mindset shifts from managing clients as an agency to building a product. (2:43)
  • How does Alex split his time between both client work and product work? (4:03)
  • The importance of hiring people who own their work entirely. (5:39)
  • How did they improve their hiring process to find suitable candidates? (7:42)
  • How is the ScaleMath team structured today? (9:50)
  • Some mistakes ScaleMath made when hiring at the beginning. (15:20)   
  • How does he determine when someone would fit well in async cultures? (17:04)
  • Determining how someone is ready to move into a leadership position (19:19)
  • Alignment in async work cultures. (21:09) 
  • Resources that helped him level up and become a better manager and improve hiring processes. (25:55)
  • Promoting accountability and self-management in remote teams. (26:45)
  • Approaching situations where teammates are struggling. (29:35)
  • The importance of humility for founders. (34:00) 
  • Transparency in an async first culture. (35:30)
  • Lighting round questions. (39:49)

We hope you enjoy it!

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By Sebastian Cuervo