The Remote Work Tribe Podcast: May Habib


In this episode of the Remote Work Tribe podcast, we talk with May Habib, CEO of Writer. She shares how she has led a team that has rapidly tripled in size, the cultural maxims that helped her organization align while being agile, and the future of content marketing, among many other insightful subjects.  

Episode timestamps:

  • What is her leadership philosophy? (1:00 ) 
  • What is the team structure at Writer today? (3:20)
  • How to promote company values in a high-growth organization. (8:19)  
  • Written-first culture and how it has helped Writer align and grow. (10:45)
  • What framework do they use to run the company? (12:57)
  • What is May’s thought process behind the company’s OKRs and letting teams run the show themselves? (19:33) 
  • What should people in the AI industry start doing?. (23:05)
  • Prompt engineering? Is there a more intuitive term for it? (25:45)
  • May’s take on ChatGPT. (27:14) 
  • The most innovative use case May has seen when it comes to AI. (31:59)
  • Limitations when it comes to AI. (33:03)
  • Where does she see the future of content marketing? (37:45)
  •  Lighting round questions. (39:49)

We hope you enjoy it!

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By Sebastian Cuervo